Plantar Foot Warts – Plantar Verrucae

What are foot warts?

Warts are human papilloma virus (HPV – DNA virus) that live in the skin layer of the foot, specifically the epidermis. Most common strains of HPV that affect the hands are 1, 2, 4, and 10. Warts that grow together in clusters are called mosaic warts.

What  causes foot warts?

Warts are transmitted through direct contact and infect the skin through tiny cuts or scrapes. Most commonly foot warts are transmitted in areas where people engage in group activities with bare feet. Warts are most common in children and adults build immunity towards the virus over time. 

How to diagnose foot warts?

Clinically when diagnosing a foot wart you look for a callus (hyperkeratotic lesion) with blood vessels, pain when you squeeze the lesion, lack of skin lines. Often when you begin debriding a callus you will see blood vessels and that will help confirm the diagnosis. Imaging is unnecessary for diagnosis of plantar foot warts. 

How to treat foot warts?

There is no one way to treat a plantar wart and depends on what treatment plan your doctor chooses. Firstly, some common treatments are topical (salicylic acid, tricholoracetic acid, cryotherapy, salinocaine, cantharidin, 5-FU, imiquimod). Secondly if first line topical fails, there are other treatments such as: Injectable ( candida antigen, bleomycin), laser therapy. Thirdly if all else fails there is surgical excision. In rare cases if the wart is resistant to multiple therapies, chronic, aggressive, or irregular consider biopsy and there have been rare cases of verrucous carcinomas. There has been few studies that have discussed the use of adjunctive oral Cimetidine in treatment of warts that have shown some success. 

Video of laser treatment for warts:

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