Athlete’s Foot (tinea pedis)

What is Athlete’s foot?

Athlete’s foot is a fungal infection of the foot. Fungal infections of the foot are common because of the dark, moist, and warm environment inside shoes. Fungus thrives in areas such as public pools, gyms, public showers, and locker room which is why a fungal infection of the foot is called athlete’s foot. 

How to diagnose Athlete’s foot?

People with athlete’s foot tend to have dry, scaling, red, and itchy skin commonly seen on the bottom of the foot and in between the toes. 

How to prevent  Athlete’s foot?

When using public areas do not walk barefoot and use sandals. If you have sweaty feet bring multiple pair of socks to change when you are doing physical activity. Make sure to allow your shoes to air dry if they get wet and make sure your feet are dry before wearing shoes.

How to treat Athlete’s foot?

Your doctor may provide a prescription anti-fungal cream/pill or recommend an over the counter cream such as Lotrimin Ultra or Lamisil. The trick for treatment is to cover the entire foot with cream and to continually apply it for a week even after the infection is cleared. Your doctor may also recommend a fungal spray for all your shoes. 

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