Jones Fracture of the foot

What is a Jones Fracture?

A Jones Fracture is located at the 5th metatarsal, specifically at the metaphyseal-diaphyseal junction. The fracture occurs in an area called vascular watershed meaning low blood supply.

How to diagnosis a Jones Fracture?

The area around the base of the 5th metatarsal will usually have swelling, bruising, and be tender to the touch. Xrays are used for confirmation and further advanced imaging is usually not warranted.

How to treat a Jones Fracture?

A Jones fracture can be treated conservatively with non-weightbearing in a boot or cast, but there is a high rate of non-union up to 30% (fracture not healing).

Many surgeons recommend surgery for patients especially if they are healthy, active, and/or an athlete. Typically one large intramedullary screw is used, but a plate and screw construct can also be used. The intramedullary screw is usually thrown percutaneously (small incision). The position to throw the guide wire to put in the screw is known as “high and inside”.

Video of a Jones Fracture surgery:

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