Toe Fracture

What bones make up the toes of the foot?

The foot has 14 toe bones: 3 bones in toes 2-5 the distal, middle, and proximal phalanx. The big toe has 2 bones: the distal and proximal phalanx.

What are the causes of toe fractures?

The cause of toe fractures are trauma, whether by direct blow or impact. Most commonly people will stub their toe very hard against an object.

How to diagnosis a toe fracture?

Your doctor will need to take X-rays to evaluate your toe to determine whether there is a fracture. If you stubbed your toe and there is a large bruise underneath your nail >50% (subungual hematoma) your doctor may remove your nail to ensure that there is not an open wound underneath your toe.

Do toe fractures need to be fixed surgically?

Most toe fractures do not need to be taken to the operating room and can easily be reduced, splinted, and then immobilized in the doctor’s office. The only time a toe fracture needs to be taken to the OR is if there is an open fracture, unreducible in the office, or a displaced/intra-articular fracture of the big toe.

Video of toe fracture reduction, splinting and dispensing of a post op shoe:

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