Best Ankle braces

What is an ankle brace? 

An ankle brace is an external device used to support an injured, weak, painful ankle. Most commonly ankle braces are worn after ankle sprains and can be used for people that have ankle or subtalar ankle arthritis. 

How does an ankle brace work? 

An ankle brace provides support by limiting the range of motion of your ankle. By limiting the range of motion it gives stability to either allow your ankle ligaments, tendons, muscles to heal or prevent injuries to your ankle. With patients that have arthritis the braces limit the range of motion which decreases the amount of pain. 

What are the different types of ankle braces (least supportive to most supportive)?

1. Compression ankle sleeve 2. Sleeve with velcro straps – NextGen Active3. Lace up ankle brace – Mcdavid4. Lace up ankle brace with straps – Medspec ASO brace 5. A rigid ankle foot orthosis like arizona brace, richie brace, active ankle t2

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